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BTG Design Team *Read Before Posting An Application!*

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BTG Design Team *Read Before Posting An Application!*

Post by BTG Caedo xG on Wed Jan 15, 2014 6:48 am

The BTG DESIGN TEAM is currently looking for anyone interested in creating custom art work for our great members and community. The BTG DESIGN TEAM is a team of gamers that works together, teaches each other about design and helps each other get better in designing. This team is responsible for creating custom banners, signatures, avatars and completing projects for our great community. There are also weekly competitions for SIG of the week which members of the community will vote on.

If you are at all interested the time is now to apply!

Below you will find the requirements in being a member of the BTG DESIGN TEAM. point of the design team is for member who are casual designers who do it in their spare time and have fun doing it and want their designing knowledge to grow.
The BTG DESIGN TEAM is a great way for you to grow your talents in design and have your work showcased on our amazing site. The application/recruitment process will take no longer the 14 days, depending on how vigilant you are in the process. The process could take as little as a week. It's all up to you.


Minimum requirements to even submit an application.
1. Gimp/Photoshop.
2. Min experience 1-3 months.
3. Submitted art work must be approved as legit and must submit min of 3-5.
4. No copy and paste of images.
5. Able to work with other team members.
6. Able to take constructive criticism.
7. Able to give constructive criticism.
8. Must complete project image.
9. Must complete signatures and banners for the community. If you don't you won't be on the team.
10. Must submit min of 1 image to any and all projects that are assigned.
11. Ability to train new team member.

Thank you for taking the time reading this before you post an APPLICATION for the BTW DESIGN TEAM

If accepted to the design team, you will be asked to join the BTG DESIGN TEAM user-group and become one of the elite who are good enough to represent BATTLE TESTED GAMING.
By reading this it will help you by making sure your app stays up.

1) GT and user name
2) What type of program are you using?
3) How much experience you have with your program and making sig

• Please no posting unless you are applying for the team or you are on the design team. Posts that are not by the Design Team members or the applying person will be Deleted. Applicants should only post in their own application thread, please do not post in other app threads.. if you wish to talk to them please send them a private message.

• We are looking for active and contributing designers to join the BTG DESIGN TEAM to help in our work loads and make our Community even better. We are not looking for people that just want the title and then do nothing after making the team.

• Designers must maintain their activity by filling requests if they wish to be on BTG DESIGN TEAM. If a designer is found to be inactive and not completing any work for other people requesting or helping in design team projects he or she will be removed from the team unless he or she has a legitimate reason as to why they are unable to help and do work for the design Team.

• Designers will try to give the best CNC we can to tell you what we feel is done right with your work and what should be fixed as well as what is not working with your image so it can be made better. So please try not to take anything personal as we are just trying to help you improve. I know this can bug some people. We can give you pointers and tutorials and sites to use but in the end it's up to you the applicant to show us in your work, Attitude, activity, etc.. why you should be on the team.

Please note, you must be submitting original works! Anyone found taking signatures from other people and/or websites and claiming them as their own that are caught doing this will have their application terminated indefinitely!

• So after reading this, do you think you have what it takes to be an BTG Designer and be one of the elite BTG DESIGN TEAM members? Apply and find out!

Thank you and we do hope to see all of your work.
BTG Caedo xG

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